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Conquer Calculus Step-By-Step So You NO longer feel Lost!


Set yourself up for Success

So When Exam Day comes, You Calmly Finish with Confidence!

If you are a student or parent of a student

struggling with Calculus or any classes leading up to Calculus,

If you are a student or parent of a student

struggling with Calculus or any classes leading up to Calculus,




😕 You’re a good student, but now things are getting difficult. For some problems, no matter what you try, you just have trouble knowing what to do. 

😕  You get confused with the wording of the problems. You may know the math, but can get tripped up with the terminology. 

😕  You study and practice, practice, and practice, but you still have trouble understanding the material, and then when the exam comes, . . . Uh Oh.

😕 Sometimes, you get overwhelmed with everything you need to know. and you have trouble putting it all together, and it’s really difficult to just make it click.

😕 When you come to the exam, you get a mental block, or you just find out that you really don’t understand it well enough.



Or, Maybe Your Class Feels LIKE THIS?

😕  You have a  big issue with the professor or teacher
  • who doesn't explain things well, or

  • is always there to "crack the whip", so to speak, and expect you to know things that you don't, or

  • gives tests that are more difficult compared to any homework or test reviews that you ever had, or

  • has an accent that is difficult to understand.

😕 You get to a point where you feel like this Class is a nightmare, and you want it to be over.

😕 You are taking other classes at the same time, and not doing as well as you would like in those classes, because the Calculus class is really bogging you down.

😕 You’re in an accelerated class where you rush through everything, so you don't know what to do because you are just not grasping the material, and it looks like are failing.

😕  You have thought about dropping the class, but you need it for your major. Or, You're thinking of changing your major, or even your dream career, to something that doesn't require so many math courses, even though you really don’t want to, because you feel you need to be realistic with your abilities and time, and you don’t want to retake classes and waste any more years.



Confidence to Calculus is designed to see YOU accelerate your understanding of key concepts with special training and personalized support so you can FOCUS on what you need to, and progress efficiently without wasting time, and give you the confidence you need so you are no longer stressed or frustrated about whether you are going to make it through your Calculus class or not.  In fact, as you apply yourself in this program, not only will this help you gain confidence to make it through your class, you may even surprise yourself at how well you do.

Just being able to do Calculus problems is just part of the process, but the ultimate goal is to have such confidence, understanding, focus, and consistency that you are able to continue to make progress using these skills that you have already mastered and apply them to new problems as you continue to excel through new concepts of Calculus and beyond.



Listen to one of my students, Michelle, who attended the University of Florida

Quite frankly, I was doubting whether or not I belonged in the engineering program ... that I wasn’t smart enough... BUT ...

George found a way to present the information in a way that made sense and everything just clicked.  ... 


Skip the step of searching for a tutor . . .

Hi, I'm George.

And, you can call me

"Calculus George"

I'm a former Penn State University Instructor now helping YOU to understand math concepts from Algebra to Calculus.

I've helped many students online to gain confidence and significantly improve in their Math classes.

I help students on their way to and through Calculus by showing them "THE WHY" along with "THE HOW" so they can go from Frustration and Struggle to Understanding and Confidence!

I have a problem though.  With One-on-One online tutoring, I can only help a limited number of students in a limited amount of time.

That's why I'm building this membership:

  • First, I would like to be able to help many more students gain confidence to achieve their goals of succeeding in their Math and Academic Careers. 

  • Secondly, sometimes there is not enough time in a tutoring session to really focus on issues that students really need to succeed.  With a membership, students can concentrate on areas they need to, and get consistent help without the expense of one-on-one tutoring.




Calculus would have been much more challenging, but now I feel like I have a better understanding for years to come! ...

I felt much more confident in my ability with Calculus ... my overall grade increased greatly!

Confidence to Calculus  is designed to help YOU to...

  • Go from Frustration and Struggle to Understanding and Confidence.

    • Get a correct mindset and focus for Success in Math, along with the awareness of your learning cycle.

    • Fill in any gaps you may have from previous classes on your way to Calculus in a way that works best for you.

    • Make progress, and excel as you go through Calculus, with appropriate instruction, guidance, advice and support all along your way, so you can SEE what to do as you approach a specific problem.

    • Work more independently and take steps to master the key concepts so you can DO problems efficiently, with less stress, and more effortlessly to a point where you KNOW what you are doing for a particular problem.

    • Continue to have Confidence as you use the concepts you've mastered for newer concepts and you work more and more  independently as you go, and then SEEING what concepts apply to new problems.

    • Ultimately becoming a Math CPS ™(more about that later)

Just Imagine ...

👉 Imagine knowing exactly what you should be focused on every week to succeed in your Calculus class...

👉 Imagine being able to ask a seasoned Math instructor or tutor any question you have...

👉 Imagine having Confidence in Calculus and no longer feeling so overwhelming...

👉 Imagine how much consistent progress you have made as you diligently learned concepts in a more efficient manner, you understand what you're doing, how you arrive to a particular solution, and why you took the steps you did.  

👉 Imagine being that student that turns your test in with 5 minutes to go, not needing to rush at the end , or constantly looking at the clock, because you now KNOW what you are doing!

👉 Imagine you finished up your semester, and you have completed your Calculus class.  You were able to use the key concepts of Calculus, and apply them stress-free, calmly working through problems and knowing “I can do this”, “This makes sense”. You don’t forget these key concepts because you now understand what is happening instead of just going through memorized steps.

Imagine Understanding Calculus so well

your classmates look to YOU for help!!

See What Some More of My Students Have Said...

He doesn't give long, confusing explanations that bore you and waste your time.

Most Efficient Math Tutor

"George really helped my son with his Precalculus class by working so efficiently with him. His grade has improved! We would scan the homework to George and he would go through the questions with simple, clear explanations.

No beating around the bush just straight explanations and asking questions to make sure my son understood what he was saying.

He doesn't give long, confusing explanations that bore you and waste your time.


George is very knowledgeable in math and makes it easy to comprehend. He is highly recommended."

Amy T.

I would say George is one of the biggest reasons I was able to get through my class with confidence.

#1 Reason I aced my Precalculus Class!

"I'm a 26-yo postbac student who hasn't taken any sort of math in more than 7 years.


I would say George is one of the biggest reasons I was able to get through my class with confidence.


He went above and beyond to help me get the most out of our sessions- he even looked up my class's syllabus and previous quizzes to get a sense of my instructor's style and taught me tips accordingly. I 100% recommend tutoring with George. Thank you, George!"

Jane K.

he provided more in depth explanations than my teacher at school!

Great Trigonometry Tutor

"George was excellent! He is extremely patient and thorough with his explanations. He reviewed sine and cosine graphing and he provided more in depth explanations than my teacher at school!


Very glad to be working with him."

MIchael G.

I really appreciated him explaining everything out to me so that I could fully understand.

Awesome Tutor!

"George was so great at being patient with me. He helped me to better understand my Calculus 2 homework.


I really appreciated him explaining everything out to me so that I could fully understand.


Heather M.



👉 Here, you start with a Self Assessment of yourself, to see where you are right now.  This includes:

  • Your Current Skills and/or Gaps

  • Your Mindset and Focus

👉 So, you will be able to start from where you are, and we will work on a plan to get you where you want to be, 


and so you can be on your way to a Math CPS™.

  • You've probably heard of a business CEO who generally leads a company to help it succeed.

  • As a Math CPS™, you are taking the appropriate steps to succeed and be a Confident, Prepared Student (CPS). We will go into some details of what it means to be confident and prepared, which are not necessarily the same thing. Both qualities are advantageous to have to succeed.

Weekly Mini Challenges

👉 Every week, you will choose a challenge. These challenges will have some instruction videos for a particular concept, along with step-by-step solutions to problems. 

👉 Then, you will try some problems on your own.  After you work through problems on your own, you then take a short quiz with typically 5-10 questions (usually closer to 5, but could depend on the type of problem) Depending on the concept, there may be multiple levels of problems and quizzes for you to work through for the week.

👉 These challenges will be built as we go, so as a founding member, there will not be many to choose from at the beginning. Once there are more available, you may choose more than one challenge in a week, but you should master one challenge before starting another one.

Weekly Q&A Sessions

👉 Each week, we will have a live session to answer any of your questions.

👉 You may submit your questions ahead of time, or they can be asked during the session.  

👉 These sessions will be recorded so you have access to them later

Math Reservoir

👉 This will be a library of problems with step-by-step instructional solutions. 

👉 You will be able to SEARCH this Math Reservoir for any problems you may need help with during your Calculus class.  

👉 We will build this library of problems as we go.  As a founding member, there will not be many to start with, but that is one reason why you are getting the low price.

Confidence to Calculus Community

👉 This will be a place where you can ask questions at any time, other than just for the weekly Q&A. 

👉 As we build this program, you can also give me feedback here, as well as what topics or problems you would like to see next, etc.

👉 Also, we can celebrate your wins, and encourage others as you all make progress!


Confidence to Calculus is NOT for everyone,

and it would be better to figure out if it's not right for

you BEFORE you join rather than wasting your time.



✅ Students who may have struggled with PreCalculus or Calculus, or maybe just something missing in your understanding.  Either way, you just need some help getting clarity on what to do, how to do it, and why.

✅ Anyone ready to take action on what you learn,

 putting in the effort to practice, so you can solidify the foundational concepts as well as new concepts, so you can get on your way to gaining Confidence. 

✅ Non-traditional students who may have been away from math classes for an extended period of time.  This is a great program to see where you are, and bring you up to speed to succeed. 

✅ Anyone who would like to have access to a seasoned math instructor or tutor (me: Calculus George) to help point you in the right direction as you work on solving a specific problem, or have a specific question about a Calculus-related concept.

✅ Anyone who has tried other solutions to understand and gain confidence in Calculus, but it hasn't worked. Maybe you hired a tutor that didn't work well, or you just don't have the money to get consistent help.  Now, you can get consistent help to gain your confidence through the weekly challenges, the Q&A sessions, the instructive "Math Reservoir", and the Confidence to Calculus community.



🛑 Students who have not yet seen PreCalculus.  This may not be a good fit at this time, as we will be concentrating on Calculus topics. Although, as we build this, we still use concepts from Algebra, some Geometry, and PreCalculus, so there may be some mini challenges created to refresh your memory and solidify those concepts.

🛑 Anyone who thinks this program is like some magic pill that solves everything immediately. Sometimes, it will take some time to master concepts. As with anything, you need to apply yourself if you expect to master it, and that can require some patience along with your diligence.

🛑 Anyone who just wants to memorize procedures without really understanding why.

🛑 Anyone who ONLY wants to get to the answer, RUSH to get there, or only wants to barely squeak by to pass your class. If there is no real desire to understand what you are doing, or why you are doing it, then this program is not for you. 

🛑 People who just want someone else to DO the work for you, or just give you answers.  (Ok, maybe this was obvious, but I'll mention it anyway.)


Should I be at a certain level to join this program?

Yes, you should have at least finished Algebra 2, but preferably either in or finished a PreCalculus course, as this program will focus on Calculus topics. Although, as we build this, we still use concepts from Algebra, some Geometry, and PreCalculus, so there may be some mini challenges created to refresh your memory and solidify those concepts.  If you do want help in another subject other than Calculus you can go here.

Will this really help me? I have always been bad at Math.

Well, there are no guarantees, but if you put in the effort. we can work on solidifying the foundational concepts to get you in position for new concepts, so you can be on your way to gaining Confidence.We will work together to get your understanding of all those little things that make the whole problem come together and CLICK  That's why this program is here. I want you to have a GREAT conceptual understanding so it all clicks, and makes sense.

Can't I just get help with all the free stuff online instead?

Sure, you could do that. But, have you tried that before?  Are the explanations sufficient for you to understand?  Do you have someone to go to for additional questions?  Do you have specialized training for every particular concept that you need in order to solidify your understanding of all those little things that make the whole problem come together and CLICK?  That's why this program is here. I want you to have a GREAT conceptual understanding so it all clicks, and makes sense.

What kind of support will I receive?

You get to directly ask questions for the weekly Q&A sessions, and in the community.  PLEASE ask ANY questions you have, so I can address them for you. Again, the goal is for you to make progress so you will be confident in the concepts.

What are the Mini Challenges like?

There will be some INSTRUCTION on a specific topic, along with step-by-step-solutions.

Then, you apply the concept on your own, You take ACTION

Then you take a QUIZ on questions on that topic.

For each particular challenge for the week, the plan of the format is INSTRUCTION, ACTION, QUIZ, INSTRUCTION, ACTION, QUIZ, etc. at different levels of the concept.

Each quiz must be passed to go to the next set of INSTRUCTION, ACTION, QUIZ, 

Lastly, there is a final QUIZ to master that concept. Then, you are congratulated for passing this final quiz and mastering the concept.

The idea is to break down complex concepts into smaller parts to help you master a little at a time.(You may also take more than one "weekly" challenge in a week, if you want to.)

What time will the Q&A Sessions be, and how do they work?

We will work on scheduling the Q&A sessions to accommodate members who join in this founding member's opportunity.

You will be able to pre-submit questions, and replays will be available in your member portal of these sessions  You can also ask questions during the session.  The sessions will be scheduled for an hour, and I will answer as many questions as I can in the time available.  I may just create some trainings, or mini challenges from concepts expressed in questions if it seems worthwhile.

What is the Math Reservoir?

This will be a library of problems with step-by-step instructions. This will be built as we go. and it will be SEARCHABLE by any "key word phrase" that is mentioned in the problem. 

Will my membership price ever increase?

As the content in the membership is built, future prices for NEW members will be more, but YOUR price will stay at the founding member price, as long as you continue to be a member in good standing. However, if you do cancel at some time, and decide to re-enroll, your price will be based on the current price at that time, and that will then be higher.

What is your refund policy?

I'm happy to offer a 14-day money back guarantee.  The 14 days will be after the first challenge has been released, which is tentatively August 25, 2020. After the 14 day period, you can cancel before your next billing date.  (If you do cancel and re-enroll, you will be charged the new price at that time.)

If you have any other questions, feel free to


send them to me (Calculus George) here.

Confidence to Calculus Monthly

Make Consistent Progress

  • ALL Founding Member Benefits including any Updates

  • Weekly Mini Challenges

  • Weekly Q&A Sessions

  • SEARCHABLE "Math Reservoir" of Problems with Step-by Step Solutions (We will build this as we go)

  • Community where you can ask questions

For Family plans, click here.

Confidence to Calculus Yearly

Commit to one year

Get TWO months+ FREE

  • All features in the Monthly Plan

    • Lock in this price as long as you continue as a member in good standing

    • Less than $1.09 / day if you act during this Founding Member Opportunity

    • Access to ALL updates and maybe some surprises

    For Family plans, click here

Confidence to Calculus Deluxe(with Even MORE Personal Attention)

Limited Availability

  • All the features of the monthly and yearly plans

  • INCLUDES 8 One-on-One Online Tutoring Hours with George Monthly 

  • Limited to only 10 spots

(If you want less than 8 hours/month of 1-on-1 tutoring, you can go here.)



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